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Capitoline Museums – Montemartini location

The venue of the Capitoline Museums in the former Montemartini power plant is a fascinating encounter between the ancient and the modern industry.

The story of this extraordinary museum began in 1997, when hundreds of sculptures are transferred from the Palace of the Conservatori during a restructuring.

To keep the public anyway access the artworks it has been organized a special exhibition entitled 'The machines and the gods'. In reality, the effect created by the contrast between the old production machinery and the sculptures of ancient civilization is extraordinary, so the exposure is confirmed as permanent home.

The conversion of the former power station into a museum is part of the wider redevelopment of the former industrial center Ostiense Marconi. With the universities of Rome 3 and the creation of Science City hthe area has become one of the most high dens by a cultural point of view in the city.



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